Offered Services


Consultancy on VoIP, security and software development.

As VoIP consultants, we do a full audit of your netwerk, the VoIP components and the security related to your VoIP infrastructure.

Related to security: better save than sorry


Automated VoIP Analysis

VoIP Analyzer Tool was developed to automate the analysis of Wireshark VoIP traces.

With this VoIP analyzer tool you can perform a full analysis of your VoIP traffic.

It does not matter if you analyze 5 minutes of VoIP traffic, one hour or even 24 hours or more.

The tool does lift you to a higher level of VoIP knowledge, or in case you are already a VoIP expert: it helps doing your job in a much shorter timeframe.

Software Development

Tailor-made specific software development.

With our experience, we can write any tailor-made software that helps you do your job much more efficient. Just contact us to discuss if we can help you with such a development. 

Our developers are already more than 20 years active in VoIP and in development of software for the world market.

We have a high degree of platform independency. We support Windows platforms, Linux platforms or even on embedded platforms.


Audit VoIP Network

Deep analysis of VoIP environment.

Our VoIP Analyzer Tool does all the hard work for you when it comes to analyzing VoIP traces, especially of you have a very large amount of VoIP traces.

We just split the work: you gather the traces, the tool analyzes them.


Security Audit

A security audit of your current network environment.

Each audit is different, each customer is different, so an audit is executed by our developers depending on your needs, your network and your desired security level.

Contact us, so that we can see how to assist you.


Big Data Analysis

Analysis of large amounts of data with conversion to a comprehensible summary.

We can process very large amount of traces.

Either you can use the VoIP Analyzer Tool, which can process easily up to 1Gb of data, or we can even deliver tailor-made solutions, if wanted.

Software Adaptations

Software adaptations to existing software can be performed.

Some customers have tailor-made software, which always did run fine, but invokes issues. New adaptations are needed. We can assist you on this if needed. Just contact us. 


VoIP API / SDK Development

Development of specific application software for different PBX types or VoIP systems.

Most systems offer a specific interface for application integration. This is often called APIs or SDKs.

We can assist in any development that steers your system via the provided external interfaces. Our developers, with each more than 20 years of experience, know how to tackle such integrations. 


Support on T.38 Fax

We read T.38 traces like a novel. Not surprising if you know we assisted in the development of T.38 about 15 years ago.

If you face any T.38 fax issues, we are glad to assist you on this.


Support on RFC discussions

We daily read and interprete RFC text for VoIP, SIP, RTP, RTCP etc.

In case you have any discusssion between 2 different parties, we can assist you on finding the balance in discussions where our judgment is based on RFC text. 


VoIP Training

Classroom VoIP training.

VoIP, for us, has hardly any secrets anymore. If wanted, we can share our experience in a VoIP training. 

It helps your employees to better understand this matter and improves their efficiency.